Facts about my life

  • 😍 There's no limit to my love of color and pattern

  • 🎢 I started Beat Therapy to fuel my fascination with the healing powers of music

  • πŸŽ’ I currently build tools that help teachers and students develop social-emotional skills

  • 🌎 I've lived in 6 countries and have moved over 30 times

  • πŸ“ I'm obsessed with organizing


πŸ“₯ alexisturim@gmail.com


Facilitation + Speaking Engagements

πŸ“’  SF Design Week: Practice with Purpose, June 2019

πŸ‘©β€πŸ«  Mixed Methods with Aspen Labs, October 2018
Facilitation and communication design

πŸ‘©β€πŸ«  Guest Lecturer, California College of the Arts, April 2018–present
Visualizing Process + Findings

πŸ“’  AIGA D.Talks: Designing the Future of Healthcare, December 2017

πŸ“’  Innovators in HealthTech, October 2017
Hosted by KP Innovation Consultancy + Exygy

πŸ“’  SF Design Week – Moments that Matter: Healthcare Design + Innovation
Hosted by KP Innovation Consultancy + Sutter Health, March 2017
Three Realities of Healthcare Innovation + Design

πŸ“’  ILNx Oakland, May 2016
Avoiding Death by Powerpoint

πŸ“’  Service Design Network SF, November 2015
Analogous Research Pecha Kucha with Katherine Duong

πŸ“’  ILN Toronto, October 2015