When it comes to dealing with the costs of care, people are in sore need of radically simpler, elegant, and dare we say delightful experiences.

At KP, our members experience integrated care and fragmented finances. Our Primary Care is a dynamic and investigatory setting. It’s the hub for each of our 12+ million members that connects to labs, imaging, pharmacy, and specialty care.

In contrast, the financial experience often leaves members worried about costs, frustrated by a surprise bill, concerned about the cost of a flu shot, or delaying care. Care teams face daily questions about potential costs but feel unsuited to help. Our team was asked to help illustrate the future of KP’s financial experience.

Our Focus

How might we help members navigate out-of-pocket costs of an adult primary care visit?

Our team explored this question through in-clinic observations, rapid prototyping, and interviews with members, staff and providers. Project $ense was chartered to illustrate new ways to transform the primary care cost experience.

Vlog from the Field

Example Prototypes